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Whirlpool baths were once an elitist purchase. Over priced and often seen solely as a status symbol within the bathroom. Thankfully this is no longer entirely the case. Whirlpool baths are still an addition to the bathroom that adds the feel of luxury, but they now come with a much more reasonable price tag- especially at Bathroom City.

The benefits of a whirlpool bath are widely known- water and/or air jets that soothe tired muscles and can even help ease the pain of physical ailments such as arthritis. Designed to unwind the body and massage the muscles through a series of jets (often bespoke designed for your individual needs) the whirlpool bath market is now bustling with variety and whirlpools to suit almost any budget.

Potentially the best purchase you could ever make for your bathroom, a whirlpool bath can transform the room into a haven of relaxation and calm, giving in most cases a spa-like feel. Now requiring minimal cleaning, these baths are durable, practical and a much welcomed addition to both family homes and young professional apartments.

Whirlpool Bathtub

Contrary to the myth, installing a whirlpool bath is much like a regular bath and, providing you have a good qualified plumber, should not upset your bathroom as it stands.

Whirlpool baths come in various shapes and sizes depending on the style you are looking to achieve. They also range dramatically in price but luckily, at Bathroom City, we have a whirlpool that can make any wallet breathe a sigh of relief. Remember- the level of luxury is entirely up to you!

Basic styles offered aside from the standard rectangular bath include whirlpool shower baths, whirlpool corner baths, freestanding whirlpools and Jacuzzi whirlpools.

  • Shower whirlpool baths allow you to enjoy the relaxation of a whirlpool but offer the practicality of having shower access too.
  • Corner whirlpool baths save space and ensure you have plenty of space to enjoy your jets in.
  • Freestanding whirlpool baths are perfect for more than one bather.
  • Jacuzzi whirlpools are often designer and can even be fitted into the floor- pure spa luxury.
Whirlpool Bathtub

For those who just simply want to upgrade to a whirlpool bath, there are even whirlpool systems on offer (ranging from 6-18 jet) which can be fitted to a standard bath. The choice of where they sit is yours.

Prices of whirlpool baths range dramatically, but Bathroom City’s range starts at just £209 for a whirlpool upgrade or £308 for a rectangular whirlpool, leading up to the top of the range designer whirlpool tubs which can be anything up to £10,000+.

More details on the HUGE range of whirlpool baths available to you can be found at or by emailing

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