Apr 112012

Just about everyone knows what a walk in shower is, right? Walk in means not having to step up, or step over. A shower is water coming down upon you, instead of you being immersed in water (like in a bath). So a walk in shower is a shower where you don’t have to step up or step over. The typical shower/tub combo doesn’t count. Small glass cubes with plastic floors do count. They aren’t very stylish, certainly, but they still fit the definition.

But the term “walk in shower” can apply to so many designs, you might not even think they are a shower at first glance. Many of these designs are often referred to as a walk behind shower, because you “walk behind” to enter the shower. Whether behind a solid wall, a wall of glass block, or even through an arch – a walk behind walk in shower is one without a door. For example:

modern walk in shower 1. A design that consists of a single glass pane opposite the wall with the shower head and fixtures. The shower is far enough from other parts of the bathroom to avoid splashing water, yet close enough to make the shower feel like a part of the room, instead of a mini room off of the main bathroom.
modern walk in shower 2. A separate room. Imagine three walls of stone or granite tile, with a glass door at only one end. I even saw one picture of a walk in shower where the “door” was a stone arch. No glass to be seen.
modern walk in shower 3. The end of a bathroom where the only distinction between the walk in shower and the rest of the bathroom is a wall made of glass block. 
Bathroom with walk behind shower
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jesse Wagstaff
4. Picture this – you walk into a bathroom and you have a very normal set of dual sinks facing the door. Off to the side is a toilet and in the corner is a spa tub. Just as you start to wonder where the shower is, you realize that there is something behind the wall with the sinks. Walking closer and peering around the corner, you see a shower head on the back of the wall and tile on the floor.


5. An bathroom with an simplistic feel – dark wood, white sinks, minimalist. Of to the side is a beautiful, dark wood wall. You realize as you get closer, this is in fact a walk in shower.

Walk in showers with glass, whether a pane or glass blocks are to be expected. Tile and stone are even normal for bathrooms. But walk in showers these days are getting more and more creative. Wood, arches, different shapes, hidden behind walls, out in the open – even in the middle of a bathroom – a shower is no longer just a way to avoid taking a bath. A walk in shower can be the centerpiece of a bathroom remodel, a piece of art in the middle of an otherwise functional room. Who knew that with a walk in shower getting clean could be so stylish?

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