Apr 102012

There is nothing worse than stepping out of a nice warm shower in winter or cold weather. As soon as your body hits the cold air you’ll wish you were back under the warm water, and stepping onto a cold floor will have you hopping back in the tub in an instant. There are a few simple ways to ease the winter chill and keep your bathroom nice and warm and lessen the shock on a cold day.

The first simple step to take is to identify any drafts and block them up. You can get bathroom specific silicone that you can simply apply over any drafts you find and should stick to wood, plastic and metal. This should block out any cold air drifting in while making sure no mold grows or the seal isn’t weakened by the moisture in the bathroom.

If your windows are cold when you touch them it might be worth installing double glazing which will keep heat in, and cold air out. As a cheaper fix you can buy plastic see through film that you can put over the window that will have a similar effect.

Microfiber Absorbing Bathmat
Another simple step you can take if you have wooden floors or cold tiles and no underfloor heating is to use a bathroom mat or a buy a few cheap rugs to put on the main areas you walk on and by the side of the bath. Just make sure to wash them regularly and on a hot wash, as they can get dirty very quickly especially if your bathroom lacks ventilation.

If you have a little more in your budget and time, you can install underfloor heating. Underfloor heating has come a long way in the last few years and can be installed very easily and quickly, and doesn’t cause a massive rise in floor height and works with almost all types of tiles. You can even install “zones” which are controlled by a panel on the wall and can work on a timer to start warming the tiles before you even start walking into the bathroom.

Again if you have a bit more money in your budget you can get a Wall mounted radiator towel rack. These will heat your room up as well as let you hang up towels and keep everything nice and warm for when you get out of the shower. They can be fitted to existing pipes or you can buy plug in electrical ones. They are very in fashion at the moment and make your bathroom look nice and modern as well as heating it up.

To take advantage of the residual heat from showering you should leave the bathroom door open after you shower to warm up the rest of the house with the warm air.

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