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If you are looking to add a walk in shower to your bathroom, you will add significant beauty as well. Walk in showers are classy and contemporary, but they are also quite lovely. There are so many designs and styles, it’s hard to decide what would make your bathroom look the best. But, if you use glass blocks for your walk in shower, you are sure to get a beautiful result. Glass blocks can be used in so many designs and configurations, they make a perfect material for building a walk in shower.

Glass Block Choices For Your Walk In Shower

When working with glass blocks, you have two choices. The first is a hollow block. As the name implies, these are created with a hollow center, formed from two halves of glass, the edges fused together. The hollow center truly is hollow – in construction, a vacuum is created. This adds insulation and also works as a sound barrier. The other type of glass block is solid. Although the final block is one piece, it’s actually created by fusing together two pieces of glass.

You also have two choices for thickness of your glass blocks. The standard size is four inches, but there is also a thinner three inches block that is used most often in residential applications. Whichever size you choose, the blocks are designed to be resistant to chipping and shattering.

Installing Glass Block In Your Walk In Shower

What to use for the floor of your shower is an important design element as well as a construction element. The good thing is that glass blocks can be installed on just about any solid surface. Marble or granite look great in a walk in shower and provide a good foundation for the glass blocks.

For some renovations, an easier choice is to use a pre-formed acrylic base. They are completely waterproof, sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight and usually take thirty minutes or less to install. All styles of these bases can be used with glass blocks as walls. Another advantage of using the blocks with a ready made floor is that they mean less stress when designing and building your bathroom.

The glass blocks themselves can be installed on site, one block at a time, or they can be assembled somewhere else and installed as a ready made wall. Although a ready made wall may not work for all bathrooms, purchasing them this way can be much more cost effective. Not only do the sections cost less than individual blocks, but your walk in shower will be easier to build with premade partial walls. There is still labor involved in construction of the shower, but it goes much faster. Instead of being assembled with mortar between each block, like bricks, the pieces are anchored to the floor, then bonded together with silicone. With a little bit of grout put in place between the sections, the whole shower looks like it was made as one piece.

Designing Your Walk In Shower With Glass Block

Glass blocks allow for a lot of design options. Since installation is so versatile, a glass block wall can be fit into any bathroom design. Glass blocks give a contemporary look to a bathroom, while still being able to be fit into a more traditional design. If used for several walls of a walk in shower, the glass blocks can form the focal point in a large bathroom. Or, if you have a small bathroom, perhaps only two or three columns of glass blocks with a more traditional door on your walk in shower can provide an accent. You may find your bathroom so beautiful with glass block that you don’t even need a separate door. Just go with an open design that you truly just walk into.

Since each block is fairly small, it’s very easy to create unique wall designs. The most cost effective is probably straight walls, but don’t rule out an angled wall, round wall, or even a curved, S shaped wall. You can run the block all the way to the ceiling, or use it for a half wall with regular plate glass on top. Do keep in mind that you will need to provide ventilation for steam, so a wall all the way to the ceiling needs a stronger exhaust fan.

Let Natural Light In Your Walk In Shower With Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are a great way to add style while still allowing a lot of natural light into the bathroom. There are designs where a wall of glass blocks forms not only the side of the shower, but it’s also the side of the house – allowing the shower to let in natural light in different degrees throughout the day. While glass blocks can be as clear as glass panes, more often they have a pattern for more privacy. Some patterns scatter the light, while others look like bubbles or falling water. There are also frosted and etched patterns. All allow light to shine through, yet provide more privacy than glass panes. If heat loss is an issue, remember that hollow blocks have natural insulation.


Colored Glass Blocks In Your Walk In Shower

A great design element of glass blocks in the ability to get them in an unlimited range of colors. You could create the whole wall out of one color, or mix and match colors throughout your walk in shower walls. You can use alternating colors to create a graphic design, or go with mostly clear, but with scattered colored blocks to add just a pop here and there of color. Finally, there are even glass block murals being designed. These are created by making the colored glass pieces part of the larger block itself. The color won’t chip, scratch or wash off. You can create a one of a kind shower this way. Go with a subtle beach scene or an underwater scene with tropical fish.

Other Benefits To Using Glass Block In Your Walk In Shower

Glass blocks are easy to clean. Given the inherent pattern that creates a fluid look, streaking or spotting aren’t a problem like they would be with a regular glass wall. Some glass blocks are even designed with special patterns created specifically to minimize any spotting or residue in a walk in shower.

The glass block for your walk in shower can be part of an overall design scheme with glass blocks. Consider that glass blocks can also be used in other places in the bathroom. Perhaps as a replacement for a traditional window above a jetted spa tub or as a low wall separating the toilet from a vanity area. Glass block can become the theme of your bathroom remodel, with the walk in shower being the centerpiece.

Glass blocks are so flexible they can be used in almost any bathroom design. They are a beautiful solution for a walk in shower enclosure, and can also be used in other areas of the bathroom. So, consider glass block – you’ll be pleased with how easy it fits in with all aspects of a bathroom design – from paper to daily living with your beautiful walk in shower.

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