Apr 122012

Not only does a walk in shower in your bathroom make the bathroom look beautiful, but it can also add a definite note of relaxation. With a spa tub as well as a walk in shower you have the ultimate relaxation experience. However, a walk in shower by itself also adds to relaxation.

Many people want to remodel their bathrooms because they are tired of looking at them. They are plain and drab and they want something modern. If you are considering it then what you have doesn’t feel very good. Perhaps your bathroom is cramped or you are tired of it not being as useful as needed. Maybe the current layout doesn’t have room for a walk in shower, or there isn’t enough storage.

If you do remodel, imagine how good you will feel in your new space. You will feel relaxed and refreshed overall. With a new spa tub and a beautiful walk in shower you’ll be able to feel the muscle tension fade away after a stressful day at work or even just working around the yard.

Take a moment to imagine having a big bathroom with a large walk in shower. You may think that you don’t have the room, but what if you took out a walk in closet or an unused second bedroom? By knocking down a wall or two, you can transform your bathroom into the large, relaxing space you dream it can be.

A walk in shower can help you find a bit of inner peace. From including soothing colors to zen like teak benches in the shower, there are little touches you can add to increase your inner peace. If you like to meditate, creating a spa themed bathroom with an open design walk in shower will provide a wonderful place to relax and meditate.

A bench can be included in a steam room shower as place to rest while the steam opens your pores and helps relax your muscles. Some bathroom designs even incorporate a proper sauna as an extension of the walk in shower, or as part of an overall renovation.

Within the walk in shower, you have the opportunity to add multiple shower heads. Not just a fixed shower head and hand held one either. You can add a rain shower head that makes you feel like you are in a spring rain. You could also go with one of the higher end showers that include multiple jets from different sides. Many of these shower models include programmable functions from water temperature to direction of the jets and how many are going at one time.

Your bathroom is a place you go and use every day. It can also be a place where you go to relax. A walk in shower can go a long way to helping you get peace and relaxation in your bathroom.

For more tips check out: Designing Your Zen Bathroom by HGTV.com and Turning Bathroom Blahs into Luxury Spas from HGTVpro.com.

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