Apr 152012

How the style of your bathroom guides your remodeling design
For information on construction styles and materials, please see: Walk In Shower Designs: Styles and Materials

Modern designs for bathrooms have been increasingly featuring a walk in shower as a major component. A walk in shower creates a wonderful look for a bathroom, and it offers many benefits, but there are so many styles, it’s hard to pick which is best. Before you decide which design, keep in mind that while you want beautiful and practical, you will also want a walk in shower that is fun and relaxing. Just as a long hot bath can be great after a hard day, so can a hot steamy shower. Keeping these ideas in mind, here are a few designs that you may want to consider installing in your home.

One of the more popular themes for bathrooms is a rustic theme. This works especially well for bathrooms that have a limited amount of space; bringing a piece of the outdoors inside makes the space seem larger. This is also a very easy look to create. First, consider color schemes. Neutral tones, browns and yellows, earthy colors are best for a rustic theme. A walk in shower obviously has to have waterproof materials; stone slabs and even wooden fixtures fulfill that purpose and also create a rustic or natural look. If you have the space, the rustic/natural theme can be enhanced with live plants.

In addition, when going for a rustic or natural theme, if wooden fixtures doesn’t appeal to you, then consider going with a distressed element. Alternatively, copper can be an effective, especially as it ages and takes on a green patina. Finally, since one of the reasons you may want a walk in shower is for the steam room effect, the use of beech wood can be very effective. Even if it’s not an “official” sauna, it can be a pseudo sauna with the addition of a wooden bench.

A second popular theme for a bathroom with a walk in shower is spa theme. Many people think of a large tub, especially a jetted tub, when they think of turning their bathroom into a spa, a walk in shower can also be very spa like. Install a large shower head, or go with multiple shower heads from different directions. You won’t have a masseuse standing by, but the massage by the multiple streams of water can be almost as nice. Soothing colors such as cream and white are best for a spa look. Paired with crisp white bath towels, the spa look is easy to see. A nice finishing touch if you have the room is spreading out aromatherapy candles.

A theme is a great starting place when considering how to design your bathroom and walk in shower. But, you also want to consider the various shapes that a walk in shower comes in. Of course, the dimensions and layout of the bathroom and plumbing have to be considered, there are a few standard shapes to use as starting points.

First of course is the common square or rectangle. A walk in shower in this shape will fit most homes easily, and customizations can easily be made by lengthening or widening the space for the shower. Another idea is to have a pentagonal shape. The addition of a fifth wall doesn’t necessarily have to add extra room, but it does allow for a more interesting element for the shower. Keep in mind that the sides don’t have to be equal sizes. You can also put inserts, perhaps a bench inside a rectangular  walk in shower, on the corners to make the inside space more interesting if you don’t have room in the bathroom for a true five sided walk in shower.

In addition to simply making your bathroom a fun place to be, adding a walk in shower to a bathroom remodel will increase the value of the home. Walk in showers are a modern addition that lets buyers see that the home has been updated. Even a small bathroom can look great if a walk in shower is placed well in the overall design of the room. Many a home sale has been closed because a buyer loved the design of a bathroom.

Fortunately, when considering options for a bathroom remodel, adding a walk in shower is usually easy. Turning a small, existing shower into a beautiful, larger walk in shower is also a great way to add to a remodel. Have fun thinking about how a walk in shower will fit in your bathroom!

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