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When you take a shower, you need some way to keep the water in the shower with you, and not on the floor in the rest of the bathroom. A wet room is an exception to this rule, as they are designed to get wet throughout the whole room. But, except for wet rooms, you will need a barrier for your shower. There are several solutions including doors and screens. The most common; however, is a shower curtain. The vast majority of people employ this simple device to keep the water in. But, who says yours has to be like the vast majority? A unique shower curtain is the way to go to show your individual style.


Generally, shower curtains come in two materials: plastic and fabric. You can find unique styles in both, but fabric is going to have more options. With fabric, you can have embroidered designs, airbrushing, even quilt shower curtains. You won’t get that with plastic, which will be printed.


Ex-Cell Home Fashions Mosaic Fabric Shower Curtain, Terracotta
When it comes to the design, the world is wide open. There are companies that will screen print your photo on a shower curtain for a truly unique look.

As mentioned above, there are quilted shower curtains that are just what they sound like – a quilt the size of a shower curtain that hangs on the shower curtain rod like any other curtain.

There are shower curtains available for your favorite sports teams.

Plastic shower curtains are going to be less expensive than fabric shower curtains, but don’t fear that there won’t be a wide variety. You can find just about any design you are looking for in a plastic shower curtain.

You can find ones for every holiday. You can find humorous ones, or ones with ocean and beach scenes. I used to have one with dolphins, and my parents had one with a lighthouse. You can find educational shower curtains such as the popular one with the periodic table of the elements on it. You can find them with abstract designs or historic pictures, like the iconic soldier kissing the nurse after returning from the war.

One thing you might want to keep in mind is getting light into the shower. Most bathrooms do not have any light in the shower, therefore it needs to diffuse through the curtain into the shower area. A light colored shower curtain will do this very well. A dark printed shower curtain, such as the dolphin one I mentioned above, won’t let as much light through, and will be very dark. You will still be able to see, but the difference can be dramatic.

The shower curtains I really like are ones that are clear but have some kind of design that obscures enough that you can’t really see into the shower. These look cool and funky, and let through tons of light.

Other Customizations For Your Curtains

Another important thing to remember is that with any shower curtain, you will want a shower curtain liner. The liner goes in the tub, while the curtain proper hangs outside the tub. Liners come in many colors, although most are lighter colors to let thorough light well.

If you choose a clear plastic shower curtain that is printed with a design that doesn’t completely cover the curtain, you can further customize the look with a colored shower curtain liner. So, keep in mind that you can punch up the design on the curtain itself in some instances with a colored liner.

Another way to make your shower curtain unique is in your choice of rings. They come in many designs and several materials. You can get plain plastic rings in basic colors, or fancier metal ones. You can get them with decorations such as fish or shells to fit in with the theme of the bathroom. These are especially good in a child’s bathroom.

Polder Duo Shower Curtain Rod,Brushed Stainless Steel
Finally, the choice of shower curtain rod is another way to customize your shower curtain look. The standard metal rod can be jazzed up with a colored plastic cover. There are also curved rods that give you a bit more room in the shower while adding a different touch to the bathroom. You can get shower curtain rods in decorative metal such as nickel or with a bronze finish.

There are double rods available that you can use as a towel holder as well. This is convenient, as well as a way to add a different look to the bathroom. Try a solid color curtain with decorative towels on the second rod. This won’t appeal to everyone, but it is an option.

When it comes to keeping water in your shower, there aren’t very many methods to do so. Shower curtains are the most common, but there’s no reason that the curtain itself needs to be common.

When looking for a unique shower curtain, you have hundreds of options to choose from and several different materials. Then, complete the look with a shower curtain liner, unique rings, and an upgrade to the curtain rod. In the end, you’ll have a bathroom that closely reflects your personal style and taste.

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