Apr 132012

The term “tension shower caddy” refers to the design that has a long pole that stretches from ceiling to the edge of the tub, or the floor, depending on your shower. Then, the baskets that hold your shower items hang from the pole. Normally, there are 3 or 4 baskets fixed to the tension pole. Some models may come with more baskets and with additional hooks for a washcloth or shower sponge.

As implied by the name, this type of shower caddy uses a tension rod – the pole has a spring built inside it that pushes against the ceiling and floor/tub. The ends of the pole usually have a non skid piece for additional help holding it in place.

You may wonder why a tension shower caddy is preferable to the wall mounted or hanging designs. Below are the advantages:

  • The tension is very strong and and if installed carefully, these caddies can be the strongest models of all the shower caddy models.
  • Multiple baskets provide lots of space for all your shower items.
  • The baskets can be adjusted on the pole to accommodate toiletries of different shapes and sizes.
  • Many include additional hooks to hold a washcloth or shower sponge.
  • The baskets are usually made of wire, or plastic, with large drainage holes. Therefore, water is drained immediately which ensures durability of the material as well helping to prevent mold.

Zenith Products Pole Caddy, Chrome, 4-Shelf

  • Since most designs fit into the corner of the shower, it is one of the most space saving options. Although even larger designs that include two poles are shallow to take up minimal space.
  • A tension pole caddy can be assembled in just few minutes and needs no tools.
  • Leaves no permanent marks so they are great for renters or those who just want minimal hassle.
  • Most designs include an extra pole so that they can be used over a bathtub, or in a walk in shower
  • Several finishes, including white, gold, and stainless steel, to match any decor

As you can see, adding a corner shower caddy to your shower has many benefits. If you are interested in adding one to your bathroom, it pays to take a look around. Many have a very reasonable price, less than $25; however, some fancier models will be much more expensive. The price is based mainly on the size and material, not the basic design.

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