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Teak is naturally resistant to humidity and mold. This means it won’t warp or crack over years of use. This is one of the reasons why teak shower benches are very popular. Since they can easily withstand water beating directly on them, you’ll see teak benches in many applications, including ones for outside.

When looking for a teak seat for your shower, don’t just look at shower or bath retailers. Since the teak is naturally resistant to moisture and mold, a garden bench made of teak could work just as well in your shower as on your patio. These may be larger than those designed for indoors, but it certainly pays to give a look when shopping for the perfect bench.

Teak benches are luxurious and elegant; they can be used as easily outside the shower itself as inside. In a larger bathroom, they make an elegant seat at a vanity, or as a spot to rest towels or a robe while bathing.

Teak is naturally a rich brown color. Shower benches are often hand sanded and then protected with an oil finish. Yet even those benches that do not have an oil finish will take on a beautiful patina over the years.

Pollenex Folding Teak Shower Seat, Brown
Since wood is a natural material, teak shower benches look great in bathroom designs that incorporate other natural materials. A zen or spa themed bathroom design is a perfect fit for a teak shower bench. Even if you aren’t doing an overall natural theme for your bathroom, a teak bench adds an elegant natural touch.

Teak is a solid material that is sturdy and safe. Many have a slightly curved design to the seat to make them very comfortable to sit on. The curved seat also has the side benefit of making the bench look less manufactured and more natural. It is little touches like this that may not be noticeable at first, but add to an overall beauty and flow to a bathroom.

Teak benches are more expensive than plastic, and you may think the cost is too high. However, unlike plastic, these benches will last for years, ultimately making the bench very cost effective.

Teak shower benches come in many different styles. Some attach to the wall and fold down for use, then up out of the way for more space. If space is very limited and you don’t want to mount the seat inside the shower, there are models that fold flat. These can then be tucked out of the way when the shower is over, or easily moved to other areas as needed.

Others are built to sit in a corner. These may have powder coated steel legs that are often adjustable. The seats with adjustable steel legs are sometimes sold as medical supplies. They are definitely a step up from the industrial looking plastic shower seats, but they may not be as elegant as other styles.

Some styles of bench made specifically for the shower have a small basket built in to hold bath supplies.

New Grade A Teak Shower / Bath Room / Pool Bench with Shelf (FULLY ASSEMBLED)
Then, there are larger styles that have a shelf underneath. These styles especially looks great outside the shower as well as inside, since the shelf can be used to store rolled towels. Other bath items in designer bottles, such as bath salts or candles, can be stored on the shelf as well.

If you are looking for a teak bench for the bathroom, but one that doesn’t need to get wet, you may want to consider a bench with a padded seat. A bench like this will be much longer and will fit along a wall of the bathroom, or could even be used at the base of the bed. This could be a way to tie the elegant style of the bathroom into the master bedroom  as well.

All teak benches that will be used in the shower should have some space between the boards to allow water to flow through and take away bath gels and soap. The teak will not be damaged by these items, but for ease of cleaning, the vents should be in place. Other teak benches used outside the shower may have solid seats since they don’t need the water to pass through.

Since teak is a natural material, you may be concerned about sustainable and environmental practices. In that case, you will want to look for teak benches made of sustainable wood, using fair trade practices.

So if you are considering adding a teak bench to your bathroom, you have many styles to choose from. You also have many options for using a bench outside of the shower as well. The natural beauty and timelessness of a teak shower bench will add beauty and luxury to your bathroom for years to come.

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