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Steam showers are a luxury that are increasingly found in private residences. Once only found in spas and gyms, now you can build one in you own home. Read on to find out how these are designed and why you would want one in the first place.


At first glance, a steam shower may look like a standard shower unit. Like other shower enclosures, steam shower enclosures are a self-contained stall that are often free standing. The main difference between a steam shower and a traditional shower is that a steam shower has special doors that seal tightly to prevent the loss of steam from the shower. This protects the surrounding bathroom – walls, paint, and fixtures – from being ruined from excess moisture.

Many steam showers are larger than traditional showers, along the same size lines as a walk in shower. This allows for a seat to enjoy the steam or for more than one person at a time to partake of the benefits of the steam.

Although a steam shower may seem, based on it’s size, that it would take a lot of water to operate, the opposite is true. A steam shower can be used as a normal shower and will use the multiple gallons of water that a regular shower uses. However, when the steam portion is engaged, it only uses 1 to 2 gallons of water.

This is possible because of the way that a steam shower works. A steam generator heats water until it is at, or above, a boil. The hot water is then forced through the jets in the wall and ceiling, coming out as steam. Therefore, only a little bit of water is needed to create quite a lot of steam.

Many steam showers are sold with optional accessories, such as foot massagers, mp3 players, body jets, and color therapy lighting. And, like walk in shower enclosures, steam showers come in a variety of finishes to match any bathroom decor.

Ariel 701 Two-Person Steam Shower w/ Jetted Bathtub

Relaxation/Health Benefits

Steam showers have a number of benefits, all relating to the warm, moist environment. In as little as 20 minutes you can feel relaxed and better than you have all day.

  1. Steam showers relax your muscles. Like a heating pad for a sore muscle, the warmth of a steam shower acts on your muscles to relax them and loosen you up. However, unlike a heating pad, a steam shower works on your whole body at once – no need to target only one spot when you can get the same benefit for every muscle at once.
  2. There are many ways to unwind after a long day and relax your mind along with your body. Having a drink or killing monsters in a video game work for many people, but these can take you away from your family for hours. On the other hand, a steam shower is a great alternative to get away from the world and quiet an overactive mind for a few minutes. You will emerge more relaxed than if you had had several drinks.
  3. Steam showers not only loosen muscle tension, but are great for arthritic joints as well. The steam warms the joints and relieves pain while also increasing flexibility.
  4. Steam showers are great for sinus problems. Whether allergies, a stuffed nose, or ongoing sinus pressure and infections, the steam helps to loosen mucus and clear your sinuses and nose. The warm, moist air soothes your throat and lungs as well, helping them as well as your sinuses. Anyone who has put a towel over their head and leaned over a steaming bowl or sink of water understands this benefit. While this method is great for localized steam inhalation, a steam shower makes it easier to rest, and prevents the crick in your neck while achieving the same head clearing benefits.
  5. When sitting in a steam shower, you will sweat. This is a good sweat that is said to open pores and clear out toxins. More relaxing, and often less drying than scrubbing with soap, a steam bath helps your whole body feel cleaner.
  6. Many believe that steam showers improve your immune system. This happens because the body thinks that the increased temperature is a mild fever and it creates more white blood cells which help fend off infections and disease.

Whether you experience all of these benefits, you are sure to experience some of them. Once you try a steam shower, you will understand why people rave about them. Since they are now available for installation in your home – without the expensive gym membership or spa trip – a steam shower is more beneficial than ever.


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