Mar 212012

Small bathrooms might provide us with various design and style difficulties; not least how you can fit everything you need into the available space. Now with the rise of apartment living, especially in a lot of our big cities and towns, very small rooms have gotten more widespread. Space has become a premium and with house prices as much as they are it looks like small bathroom design is really a skill set in much demand in the future. One method to overcome the limited space is to try using small sized fixtures. Read on…

Decide on small-scale, compact toilets. In today’s market it is quite simple to find rather neat and small loo fixtures that will help with smaller bathrooms. This kind of toilet isn’t only valuable in regard to the space but they’re generally much more environmentally friendly and due to the dimensions of the cistern use a reduced amount of water than a typical sized toilet. You can also find types that fit perfectly into a corner. These toilets look nice and modern and are a great addition to the smaller sized bathroom. Definitely worth considering.

Small Bath Solutions (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating)
Small-scale sink or vanity units are yet another good approach to help overcome space issues. Once again neat and small could be the way to go. There are some new choices around, just like rice bowl basins- providing compact size along with a modern look. Picking a properly designed and sleek wall installed vanity unit could also help save space or at least make it appear that way. Sometimes just creating the illusion of extra space is enough.

Whether or not you choose to use a shower or a tub can be a dilemma any time space is at a premium. Choosing very small bathtubs can be a solution however, with very careful design you may have both a shower and a bath in a shower bath combo. Of course it comes down to your own taste whether you like a shower or is a bath tub more important.

There are lots of tricks and tips you may apply to help produce the illusion of a lot more space. Making use of the decoration to your benefit may help, and just by using small bathroom fixtures you can maximize the available room.

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