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Your bathroom – it’s a primarily a place of personal hygiene and secondly the hole in your pocket which is causing your money to diminish. The source of this problem is the fact that so much energy and water is wasted whilst performing everyday personal hygiene routines that we may as well be throwing our money down the drains.

If your water and energy use is constantly gnawing away at your bank account, it’s time to practice some effective water conservation techniques.

Feeling Flush?

Hydroright Convert Any Size Toilet to Dual Flush Saves Water
Toilet models which are over 10 years old use an unbelievable amount of water per flush, upgrading your model can help to drastically reduce this amount. Dual flush models in particular, have the ability to save you even more water and money as they allow you to use the “half flush” button for liquid waste. If you’re worried your toilet consumes an excessive amount of water then you can check its flush volume; to do this simply locate the information which may be printed on the inside of the tank, rear of the bowl, or on the flush valve. If your toilet uses more than 6 litres of water per flush then it’s time to upgrade.

Similarly, a leaking toilet could cost you a fortune – more than the plumbing repair cost! If you’re unsure if your toilet has a leak, drop some food colouring into the toilet cistern, if it appears in your toilet bowl without being flushed you have a leak!

Running away with it

If you typically leave the tap running whilst carrying out your daily hygiene routine you may not be aware that this habit is an incredibly costly one. Instead of leaving the tap running whilst you have a shave or wash your face, fill the sink and use the water in the bowl as this can save a great deal of water. Likewise, refrain from leaving the tap running whilst brushing your teeth, although it’s a tough habit to kick it’s a rather pointless one!

Dry Clean Yourself

If you wash your hair every day, you’re not only getting rid of the natural oils in your hair required to keep it healthy, you’re also using a lot of water which may not be necessary. Dry Shampoo can help to keep your hair looking fresh on “in-between” days. It makes your hair appear freshly washed without a single droplet of water touching a hair on your head! It can also be convenient for those days when you just don’t have the time to wash, dry and style your hair.

Not only can wasting water cause damage to the environment, it can also cause you to spend excessive amounts of money when it simply isn’t necessary. Everyone loves making a saving and where better place to start than the comfort of your own home? 

This is a post by Stephanie Staszko who writes for Tapshop321 kitchen taps retailers.

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