Apr 052012

A great way to update your master bathroom is to add a walk in shower. Upgrading to having your shower separate from your bathtub has many advantages.

Flexible Options

When you have the space to separate your bathtub from your shower you can upgrade your bathtub to a spa bathtub. This gives you two options for total relaxation. You can either stand in the shower and let the water beat down on you, or you can relax in the spa tub.

You may be thinking that you can do that now with your tub and shower combination. However, a walk in shower gives you the opportunity to have multiple shower heads. With water coming from several angles this can provide a massage effect that you can’t get with the traditional shower head. When it comes to the tub, a spa tub offers more room to stretch out. They can also have jets, or bubbles, provide room to burn candles, and don’t have you messing with a yucky shower curtain.

Also, having them separate provides an opportunity for more than one person to enjoy relaxation at the same time. Someone can be taking a shower, while someone else is soaking in the tub.

Teak Bath Stool & Shower Seat
Special Features

As mentioned above, walk in showers allow for multiple shower heads. One of the shower heads is usually a handheld shower head. These are quite practical, making it easier to rinse off your whole body, as well as rinse off the shower.

They can also be built large enough for two people to shower together. This can be very romantic, or on the other hand, making it easy to help small children or possibly to wash your pet.

Walk in showers provide room for a shower bench. Obviously, this has practical uses. You can prop up your foot to shave your legs, or use it to sit what you let the water wash over you. A shower bench, especially made out of teak, adds a spa look to the bathroom.


Clearly, the first consideration when upgrading your bathroom is how much space you have. Although even small bathrooms, may be able to fit a walk in shower if designed properly.

Another consideration is accessibility. A walk in shower will need to be designed a bit differently to add accessible features that it would simply for luxury. Although accessibility can be built in subtly so that the shower doesn’t look overly utilitarian.

One of the best places to update in your home is a master bathroom. And one of the best updates you can do to your master bathroom is to add a walk in shower. With the right layout and careful construction many bathrooms can accommodate both a walk in shower and a spa tub.

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