Mar 262012

Update 12-22-11: Unfortunately, since this post was written, the company’s website has gone down. However, I’ve described the site, as well as quoted from it and included pictures so you can still understand why I found this site a little over the top.

I guess if you have to ask how much it costs, you can’t afford it right? Following up on my post from last week: Crazy Expensive Toilet Paper Holder – Does The World REALLY Need This?, I offer another beautiful-but-the-price-is-out-of-this-world-expensive post.

I was surfing around, looking for towel holders. I came across Dough Heat, a company that sells heated towel racks. Well, so far, so good. The intro to the site is one of those pictures of the beautiful people. Soft focus, black and white. Wait, no, it’s not a picture, its a flash introduction.

You see the navigation bar at the top, and go to products. They have 3 lines of products: Aroma, Icon, and Slice. Is your eyebrow raised yet? Here’s the intro to their site:

Dough-heat has been focused on a single goal: combining the finest materials with the highest skilled British craftsmanship. Each towel rail design is fresh and inspirational, our technologies smart and revolutionary, and our build quality always of the highest standard.

Dough-heat creates objects of style and beauty which are timeless and contemporary, pure, functional and technically innovative.

Welcome to dough-heat luxury towel rails

I looked around for prices, but they want you to call them. They are out of the UK, and I’m sure that they will try to talk you into their products. It’s probably along the lines of the $997 toilet paper holder, except a lot more because these babies heat your towels.

Don’t get me wrong, their website is beautiful, and tasteful. Their products look pretty cool, if you are into the modern look (which I must say I do like). But, they are luxury, and you can tell.

Below is a preview of their products. Go on over and check them out, it’s window shopping from home. 🙂

Aroma Line:

Towel Rack

Icon Line:

Towel Rack

Slice Line:

Towel Rack

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