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There are many reasons to remodel your bathroom. Adding luxury and raising the value of your home are certainly reasons. As is the need to customize your bathroom to fit your needs. From a practical standpoint, adding a walk in shower to your bathroom renovation presents lots of opportunities, since a walk in shower can be truly customized for a particular space or need.

When you are remodeling to add a walk in shower, you have the opportunity to redesign your whole bathroom in a way that flows better. If your bathroom is small and closed in, you can switch out the cabinets or the sink to open it up and provide more space to move around.

A walk in shower can be a simple cube to step into to clean off or an alternative to a full bathtub in a small bathroom. If you do have a cramped bathroom, you can open it up by installing the shower without a door. This makes it feel like a continuation of the rest of the bathroom and makes the whole space feel open. A vanity with a harsh corner can be traded out for a rounded sink that makes matches the freedom of the walk in shower by helping to make the bathroom look bigger.

Bath Design Guide (Better Homes & Gardens)
Walk in shower designs run the gamut from a simple stall with a glass door to a frame-less “wet room.” Glass blocks or stone walls provide a semi-framed solution while full panes of glass provide a fully framed solution.

The shower can be tucked into a corner of the bathroom or it can become a main focal point. But, just because you have a fully enclosed walk in shower with standard glass panels doesn’t mean that you have to go with a traditional shape. Even traditional construction can have a unique style. For example, sheets of glass can provide a reflective surface to bounce light around an interior bathroom without any natural light.

A great way to give the illusion of a larger bathroom is by including a full glass enclosed walk in shower with clean lines that contribute to a contemporary, minimalist feel. If it’s is designed to minimize the appearance of the seams and brackets, then faucets and other fixtures can stand out as show pieces on their own – making the shower look less like an enclosure and more like an open space.

Some designs, as mentioned above, are more a “wet room” than a shower. With this design, a portion of the room becomes the shower, the sides made of glass or glass block without a separate door, just an opening. A wet room can also describe a design where the end of the room is open to the rest of the bathroom without any divider. This may appeal to you if you like contemporary design or have a need for true openness in your bathroom.

Bathrooms have come a long way since the invention of indoor plumbing. At one time it was unusual to find a shower in a bathroom at all. Now it is pretty much standard to have a bath and shower combination. While a separate walk in shower may seem like a trendy new innovation, they not only evolve the bathroom, they also provide the option for a shower where you don’t also have room for a tub.

A walk in shower is a feature limited only by your imagination. While they offer a contemporary design and way to update an old bathroom, they also offers many benefits that can’t be ignored.

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