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Not too long after moving into a home, lots of people start to realize how small the bathroom is. This can be an issue especially if you like to store extra supplies and towels in your bathroom. There is not really a whole lot people can do in regards to upgrading the size of their bathroom (at least not without spending a lot of money, that is) but there are some ways for people to maximize the space in their bathroom.

Rack it Up: One thing you can do to maximize your bathroom’s storage space is to buy multiple shower or towel racks. These racks allow you to neatly organize supplies while using the wall which is often not maximized. Since most bathrooms have one towel rack which will only hold a few towels and supplies, adding a second rack gives you space for another set of towels. Even better, you can add a combination rack and storage shelf…just like the one you might see in a hotel.

Cabinets: Another option you have is to add more cabinets to your bathroom. You could easily add an extra cabinet to the empty walls in your bathroom, and the process can usually be completed in just a few hours of work – you just need a cabinet, of course.

Buy A Taller Replacement Vanity: A new vanity isn’t exactly cheap, but if offers you the ability to add storage space and alter the look of your bathroom too. If, for example, you replace a standard vanity with a taller vanity that includes both drawers and cabinet space, you just gained quite a bit of storage space. If you go with a counter-top wash basin instead of the standard drop-in basin, you’ll gain even more space. Just be sure to get the kids a step stool, as taller bathroom vanities are generally 32-36” in height.

storage solutions in a small bathroom

Above Toilet Shelving: One of the best places to add storage is on the wall above the toilet. Shelves (or cabinets) in this location can be pretty deep (8-12” can fit just fine), and there are even inexpensive organizers you can buy that are designed to stand on the floor but raise above the back of a normal-sized toilet.

Increase Efficiency: Finally, the easiest way to increase storage space is to use the space you already have more efficiently. Here are some ideas:

  1. Do you store something in the bathroom that could go somewhere else? For example, that extra extra package of toilet paper doesn’t really need to go in the vanity, does it?
  2. Are you using all the drawer and cabinet space efficiently? One trick is to add drawer organizers to drawers, another is to add shelving to cabinets, and yet another trick is to add drawers to an existing cabinet using a kit from the hardware store. All of these things can boost the space you already have.
  3. Can you add another shelf or two to the medicine cabinet(s) you already have? Extra shelves can be ordered online, and they’re a great way to make your existing cabinets “bigger” without breaking the bank.
  4. Are you able to hang an organizer – or at least a couple of towels – on the back of the bathroom door?
  5. Don’t underestimate the power of baskets. A few baskets here and there can increase storage space quite a bit, especially if you can stack baskets on top of one another or on items that are used less frequently.

It may seem impossible to increase the storage space in a bathroom without actually making the room larger, but the right techniques can help you maximize the space you do have without breaking the bank.

Author Miguel Salcido thinks easy remedies can fix space issues in small bathrooms. He works for SimplyBathtubs.com, which sells high-quality bathtubs online, including walk-in bathtubs.

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