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Are you planning to have your bathroom renovated but you have no idea as to how much it will cost you?

It’s best to know how much a bathroom renovation would cost you so that you could financially prepare for it. Local contractors estimate that a minimal bathroom renovation would amount between $16,000-$18,000 using contractor-grade materials. However, the price estimate would vary per contractor considering various factors such as the condition of the bathroom, your locality, materials to be used, as well as the time-frame for renovation.

Usually, a 40 square foot bathroom would cover between $16,000-$18,000. This would include the installation of a standard porcelain toilet, vinyl wallpaper or paint, installation of a porcelain or steel tub and shower, ceramic tile (four inch square tile), and installation of a solid surface counter and sink. It would also include the installation of a medicine cabinet and mirror as well as a single lever shower control.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jeff Moss

Depending on your locality, bathroom remodeling costs also varies. In the Southern part, bathroom remodeling is cheaper compared to the Pacific Northwest and California. In the Southern states, bathroom renovation would usually cost as low as $15,000 while in Northern states, the cost for remodeling a bathroom costs as much as $18,000.

One thing which you can do is to gather different price estimates from different contractors. This way, you will have options as to the cost so you could find the best deals. You can also ask for advice from friends or people who have gone through a bathroom renovation. You can also shop around for remodeling companies.

If you also want to save on costs, you can also do the easy tasks yourself. For instance, you can opt to set up your own toilet, put on the wallpaper or repaint your bathroom wall.

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