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Remodeling any room in your home can become a source of anxiety for you and your family. Dealing with contractors, workmen in your living space and unexpected problems can mount up fast. One thing you can control is what you want in your home. But how do you know what it is you are looking for? Taking the appropriate steps to find your dream appliance, floor plan and anything else can help reduce your stress down the road.

Don’t Choose the First Thing You See

One exciting part of any remodel is finding the look and feel of the room you are remodeling. Please remember to take your time when deciding. That floor you find the first look out might not be the right one. Narrow your search to at least three options. This allows you to see what else is available, and start deciding where the best deals is.

Get a Sample

What the floor looks like in your home is going to look completely different in the store. Your lighting, wall color and cabinetry are all going to affect the look and feel of the floor you choose. Ask the store to take home a sample so you can see what it will look like in your home. There is nothing worse than purchasing the floor only to find out it isn’t what you expected.

Think Outside the Floor

The materials that comprise of flooring are becoming more and more unique. No longer are the days of tile or linoleum. Choices such as bamboo, stone and ceramic tile are unique and can spruce up your home in an instant.

Consult Others

Asking friends and family where they found their flooring is a must. They might have found something out during their process to help yours run smoothly. You don’t have to hire a decorator to get advice. Save some cash and pick up your phone and start calling your friends and family.

Become a Master Negotiator

Don’t settle for the sticker price on anything. If you find the flooring of your dreams, see if it is available elsewhere. If one store is lower than the other, but you prefer the services of the higher priced store go back and let them know of the price difference. Chances are they will match their competitor’s price. A major win for your bank account.

Have you gone through the re-flooring adventure? Leave your tips in the comments below.

Miguel is an avid blogger, father of 2, and recent proud homeowner. He loves studying architecture, home design and decor and plans to one day buy a custom house plan to build his dream home.

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