Mar 202012

Expensive Toilet Paper Holder

I was at the library recently, browsing through some issues of House Beautiful. They were featuring a toilet paper holder that doesn’t have a spring, it pivots: “The arm rotates 90 degrees for easy roll replacement. No more pieces springing across the room!”

I thought “hey, that’s cool, and would be quite helpful.” It wasn’t a design I had heard of. Then this line followed the description: “Jeton Toilet Paper Holder, from $997.”

No, I’m not missing a decimal point. That really is just under a grand for a fricking toilet paper holder! Like, O. M. G.! You have got to be kidding me!

I guess the price is for the designer, because, as it turns out, Moen also has a pivoting tp holder. I found it when I went looking on my favorite shopping site (Amazon, of course):

Moen DN8308TB Retreat Pivoting Paper Holder, Tuscan Bronze Here’s Moen’s pivoting tp holder. It’s available in several finishes. And guess what? It’s a whopping $25.21! And that’s for the expensive finish; the lowest price finish is $19.24! I don’t think it’s ugly either. But, if you are looking for a tp holder that looks a little more high end, how about:
Gatco 4293 Latitude II European Tissue Holder, Satin Nickel This one is a bit more modern looking. For those who would like a more contemporary style, this little baby will set you back $20.45. Too much, you say? Well, then, how about the chrome finish for $16.17? A bargain for such a beautiful piece!

Oh, you say that you don’t really like those? You would prefer one that is more of a boxy style, square like the Jeton holder? Well, never fear. Because….

Design House 533042 Millbridge Toilet Paper Holder, Polished Chrome …for today only (well, probably longer, but who knows?) you can get this beauty of a toilet paper holder for only $14.64. It too is polished and shiny, and the base and ends are square, just like the other one. So, it doesn’t pivot. You won’t be able to tell once the paper is on the roll anyway. Although, it’s only a small savings of $982.36. So, maybe convenience is worth it?

Nah, I’m too much of a cheapskate. After all, I can outfit the rest of my bathroom for $982.36, as well as my kitchen and probably some accessories for the living room as well. Oh, I can also get at least one set of sheets and a new comforter for the bed…3 new beds for my cats…and I’ll probably have some left over even after that. Because I paid less than $15 for my toilet paper holder. 🙂

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