Hello, and welcome to Armchair Renovator! My name is Cathy and I’ve built this site to share what I’m learning about bathroom renovations.

I don’t own a house at this point, but I do like to daydream about my dream house. I’ve also been involved in helping my Grandmother with fixing up her house. My husband and I live in an apartment in her home, and we do dream about what we would do with it if we could. One of the first things we would do is overhaul the teeny, tiny bathroom. It has barely enough room for the tub, toilet, and a tiny sink with vanity. We even had to get one of those free standing toilet paper holders because there wasn’t any room on the side of the vanity.

Anyway, enough about that. When we talk about redoing our bathroom, we always want to put in a large walk in shower. Preferably one we can sometimes share.

If I had my way, we’d also have a nice soaking tub, with jets. I’ve never had one any place I’ve lived, but I’ve used them at hotels and have loved the relaxation.

I consider myself a home improvement dabbler, and do like to learn about different techniques and upgrades. I love to watch HGTV, and have to admit that my favorite shows are Holmes on Holmes, and Holmes Inspection. I like to peruse magazines, books, and the web looking for cool stuff I could put in my perfect bathroom.

This site isn’t your typical home improvement website. Since I don’t have personal experience doing bathroom renovation, the information here is sometimes based on what I would do in a dream bathroom.

On the other hand, some of the information is directed to getting a good overview of improvements that are needed now. For instance, if you have an elderly person coming to live with you and you need to upgrade your bathroom, what can you do?

The purpose of this site is to provide information on bathroom renovations from the perspective of an “ordinary” person. Not necessarily someone who has done renovations before, or is a contractor. Rather, this site is directed at those who like to dream about their home, and/or need some practical direction on the next step to take in a bathroom renovation project.

If you have any questions, or have topic you would like to see me cover, please drop me a line through the contact form.