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Clawfoot tubs are beautiful and add a wonderful vintage feel to a bathroom. However, by themselves, they aren’t practical for taking a shower. Sure, you could add a separate shower to the bathroom, but that might very well ruin the vintage look. However, you can add a clawfoot tub shower kit that will still keep the vintage feel, while also giving you a showering option.

What kind of kit you get will depend on how your clawfoot tub is configured in your bathroom. Your final clawfoot tub shower will consist of a long pipe with the shower head at the top, referred to as a shower riser. The shower rods for clawfoot tubs all attach to the wall, not just the top of shower risers. They can either attach to the wall behind the shower head, or some are suspended from the ceiling.

When you install a clawfoot tub, you have to make decisions about how it will be placed in the bathroom and where the plumbing will be located. If your tub is in the middle of the room, you will most likely have the plumbing come up from the floor at the end of the tub and then connect to the faucet. If your tub is against the wall, then the plumbing will be hidden behind the wall and come through the side of the tub.

Then, you have the decision of where on the tub the faucet will sit. Will it sit somewhat inside the tub, a few inches below the lip? This would be a wall mounted faucet. However, if instead you decide to mount the faucet along the top of the tub, this is referred to as a deck or rim mount.

When you add in a shower to the set up, you will need to get a kit that fits the type of configuration you have. Fortunately, you can get the same finish and overall look no matter which kind of set up you have.

A clawfoot tub shower conversion kit will include the new faucet hardware. A typical tub faucet will just have the handles and spout for the tub portion. It won’t also have what is needed for the shower portion. Therefore, the most important part of the kit is the new clawfoot tub faucet with shower diverter.

Add a Shower Complete Kit
The kit will also include the necessary hardware for the pipe leading up to the shower head. Towards the top, just below the shower head, the pipe will attach to the wall. The kit will include this mounting hardware as well.

You will also have the option of whether you want just the overhead shower head, or whether you would like a kit that includes a handheld shower head as well.

The final part of the kit will be the clawfoot tub shower curtain rod. As mentioned above, these will attach either to the back wall, or they will be suspended from the ceiling. They usually also attach just below the shower head, lending support not just to the shower rod, but to the shower riser as well.

An important distinction between a regular shower curtain and a clawfoot tub shower curtain is it’s size. The clawfoot shower curtain will be much longer since it needs to go all the way around the tub, not just along one side.

Because most people don’t have a clawfoot tub shower enclosure – just a regular tub and shower or even a separate tub and walk in shower – clawfoot tub shower curtains aren’t as readily available. You may need to buy one at a specialty store.

A high end, polished, and put together bathroom will have faucets, shower heads, and curtain rods that all match each other. If you have a clawfoot tub, you have a slightly different set up than the norm. However, with easy shower kits, that include all the hardware you need for your clawfoot shower, you will have an easy time making your tub fit in with the rest of your bathroom.

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  1. I need a kit with 3 3/8 tub mount with shower and shower ring. I like bronze.

  2. I would say Check out Amazon to see what they have. Their prices are generally good, and the reviews can help you decide which one is right for you.

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