Unique Designs

Sometimes, the traditional bathroom seems boring. Fortunately, there are ways to spice up your bathroom to make it stand out. From ultra modern to enjoying nature, to indulging your senses, there are ideas galore for making your bathroom unique.

Apr 042012
Wet Rooms - Benefits, Designs, And Installation Tips

Wet rooms are more popular in Europe than in the United States, but they are catching on over here as well. They turn a traditional bathroom into a fully wet area, similar to a large walk in shower, with toilet and sink installed. Some wet rooms have a separate area for the shower, but for small bathrooms, I’ve seen designs where the toilet and sink get wet while showering. This design won’t appeal to everyone, but a wet room does have definite benefits. They provide increase accessibility by eliminating a bathtub and making the floor throughout the bathroom at one level. They can make the bathroom look sleek and modern and also help with cleaning. There are things you will need to consider if you decide to install a wet room, including what kind of contractor to hire. This article goes into a deeper explanation on all of these details.

Apr 022012
What Type Of Outdoor Shower Will Work For You?

Outdoor showers come in several different styles, depending on the use. The first kind is a simple place to rinse off after coming out of a pool, or back from the beach. This type is usually hooked up to a garden hose and is very easy to install. Another type of outdoor shower refers to the portable camping showers. This may be as simple as a large bag that you fill with water and leave in the sun to warm up. You can get nylon tents that you erect around the shower for privacy. The final type of outdoor shower is a full fledged shower that you would use like an everyday shower that happens to be constructed outside. It may have a side completely open, or with a glass walls to take in the view. This article goes into more detail on each type of outdoor shower to help you decide.

Mar 282012
Steam Showers - Design And Benefits

Steam showers are a definite notch up from a walk in shower in terms of luxury. While they may look like a shower stall, they have an extra feature of tight sealing doors to hold in the steam. Steams showers can be used as regular showers as well, but the steam portion uses much less water than a traditional shower. In addition to relaxing your muscles, many believe that steam showers help the immune system, help with stiff joints, colds and sinus infections, and hold many other health benefits. High end steam showers may also include mp3 players, jet massagers, and mood therapy lighting. Since these units are now readily available for home use, and can be combined with the luxury of a standard walk in shower, many more people are considering them for their modern bathroom renovations. This article goes into more detail on the benefits of steam showers.