A major component of the look and design of the bathroom is the tile you choose. From how the tile is laid out, to what material you pick, design is more intricate than simply buying the cheapest and sticking it to the floor. Large tile, small tile, mosaics, or borders, grout and cleaning – all these aspects of tile need to be considered as you plan out your bathroom renovation.

Apr 012012
Bathroom Tile Mosaics

Bathrooms are a great place to create a theme oriented design.  The modern bath has become a sanctuary and spa in many homes.  Many homeowners find it necessary to pay attention to detail in this room.  One excellent way to create a unique style the will enhance any bathroom theme is with a mosaic.  Because […]

Mar 272012
Installing Tiles on Your Bathroom Floor

Working on your bathroom floor requires hard work, but with proper knowledge, the right materials and careful execution, it can be done properly just as you want it. What you need: tiles (size, shape and color depend on your preferences) measuring tape notched trowel grout grout float grout sealant pencil safety glasses sandpaper soft cloth […]

Mar 252012
Consider The Pros And Cons Of Fitting Travertine Tiles

Travertine tile is a beautiful tile formed in rivers and streams underground. It has a natural smooth surface, but it is porous. Travertine comes in exotic colors and vein patterns. But, if you are putting travertine into your bathroom, there are some things you have to keep in mind, especially due to it’s porous nature. Travertine can be much more brittle than other tile. They will need to be laid carefully, and sealed fully. This article goes into some more detail about using Travertine in your bathroom.