Overall Design

The best looking, and best functioning bathrooms have a unified feel and look to them. All the accessories look good together, but the bathroom is also very usable and meets the needs of all family members, young and old alike. A design theme is a good way to pull everything together.

Apr 162012
A Beautiful Walk In Shower Starts With A Glass Block

Using glass block for your walk in shower can look very beautiful. But, when it comes to picking the block, there are many things to consider. Glass blocks come in several sizes, patterns, textures, and even multiple colors. Glass blocks can be used to create unique wall designs, either by creating a mural with different colored blocks, using all the same colors, or by using the blocks to make the wall itself unique. You can use glass blocks to create curved walls, walls with a jagged edge, and they also look great as half walls. Glass blocks are great for other parts of your bathroom as well – as half walls, as window panes. This article goes into even more detail about this versatile building material.

Apr 152012
Walk In Shower Designs: Decorating Themes and Bathroom Layouts

As you plan a bathroom renovation, you aren’t just looking at each part separately, but how the whole bathroom will fit together. You wouldn’t install a modern shower with a Victorian vanity. In other words, your bathroom will have a consistent theme that guides all your decorating decision. This will come into play in the type of tile you pick, to the materials your towel holder is made of. Your toilet shape, and maybe even the color will also be part of the overall look. Therefore, you want to think about several decorating themes you could use. This article will help you with a few common themes and ideas on how to execute those themes.

Apr 112012
What Is A Walk In Shower?

A walk in shower can be constructed in many ways, some of them not quite what you would think. A walk in shower includes both shower cubicles, not offering much room, to large spaces big enough for more than one person. The shower floor can be flush with the rest of the bathroom or have a slight lip. Yet, all of these styles have one thing in common – they are all separate showers, no bathtub involved. At most, they have a small threshold to step over to get into them. Otherwise, they are truly a “walk in” feature. This article will give you an idea of styles of bathroom that have a shower area you may not have thought of a walk in shower, that you may find is perfect for your bathroom.

Apr 102012
Ways to keep your bathroom warm

There is nothing worse than stepping out of a nice warm shower in winter or cold weather. As soon as your body hits the cold air you’ll wish you were back under the warm water, and stepping onto a cold floor will have you hopping back in the tub in an instant. There are a […]

Apr 092012
Shower Inserts: Advantages And Disadvantages

Shower inserts refer to a shower, usually one piece, that is put into place to cover the area. This can be overlaid on an existing shower, or bath and shower combo. It can also be placed into the space where a shower used to be, when you don’t want to rebuild the shower from scratch and want a more economical solution. Shower inserts are inexpensive and can be a great alternative to a more traditional tiled shower. Care must be taken to insure they don’t look cheap after installation, however. As long as the space where you are putting the insert is sound – no leaks, mold, or structural problems, a shower insert can be a good option. There are many other advantages to shower inserts as well, and this article explains why you may want to pursue this option when redoing your bathroom.

Apr 052012
Reasons To Own A Walk In Shower

A walk in shower is a great addition to a master bathroom. Having a walk in shower allows one person to be showering, while another is relaxing a tub. A walk in shower will fit best into a large bathroom, but even small bathrooms may have room since you can get a walk in shower in several sizes. This article details some more of these design tips.

Apr 032012
How to design for a small bathroom

For many people, designing for a small bathroom can be one of the most difficult remodels to accomplish. While it is true that it often takes more planning to make the most out of your space, a small bathroom does not have to be an incredibly challenging process. Through many different innovations in the kitchen […]

Mar 292012

I like seeing the marvels of bathroom design that you can find on HGTV and DIY Network. Which is why the title of this video caught my eye.  (Commentary after the video.) I’m not quite sure what makes this bathroom trendy. The heated towel bar is modern/contemporary, but I wouldn’t call it trendy. And, there’s […]