Mirrors and Other Accessories

Mirrors may or may not include a medicine cabinet behind them. Whether you choose a modern oval mirror or more traditional square mirror, this is an important part of the bathroom, providing a means to check your appearance before going about your day. Other accessories such as shower radios, shower shelves, and even toothbrush holders are part of the overall look of your bathroom as well. The following articles will help you to choose these items as well.

Apr 132012
Advantages Of A Tension Shower Caddy

Soap, shampoo, shaving cream – just a few of the things that need to be in the shower when you get in and turn on the water. Yet, most showers don’t have shelves built in to hold these things. And, in a family, the side of the tub doesn’t have enough room to hold them. Which, or course means that some kind of shelf inside the shower needs to be installed. One option is a rack that hangs over the showerhead. Another option is a tension showe rod. This article give some strong advantages to opt for a tension shower rod over other options.

Apr 062012
Buying a Shower Radio

Generally, taking a shower is routine, without much fanfare. However, there is also a cliche about singing in the shower. What better way to make a shower more fun and have help to being a backup singer than a shower radio? This article goes over the advantages and disadvantages to several different shower radios.

Mar 202012
Crazy Expensive Toilet Paper Holder - Does The World REALLY Need This?

I was at the library recently, browsing through some issues of House Beautiful. They were featuring a toilet paper holder that doesn’t have a spring, it pivots: “The arm rotates 90 degrees for easy roll replacement. No more pieces springing across the room!” I thought “hey, that’s cool, and would be quite helpful.” It wasn’t […]