Most behind the wall work in a bathroom renovation is plumbing, however, electrical wiring is also hidden behind walls. However, like fixtures being the visible portion of plumbing, electrical fixtures such as lights and exhaust fans are the visible portion of electrical. As such the selection of these finishes are an important part of your bathroom renovation. These articles will help you in choosing these items.

Apr 082012
3 Purposes of Bathroom Lighting

Lighting in the bathroom can take a few different forms, depending on what you need it to do. Over a vanity, a task lighting application may be the most useful. While for an overall lighting in the bathroom, ambient lighting may be more useful. This article goes into more detail about the types of bathroom lighting.

Mar 212012
Stopping Bathroom Mold – The Surprising Answer

You’ve seen it before. Black mold spots on the ceiling, mildew on shower tiles. Bathrooms are the most common place to find mold growth in a home. This isn’t surprising, as bathrooms contain all of the conditions conducive to mold growth: elevated moisture, food source and warm temperatures. If you are going to stop mold […]