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If your bathroom is looking a little bit outdated, consider a budget-friendly modern remodel. Modern style always says “less is more”- what could be better for those on a budget? Modern style is sleek, clean and easy to live with. This simple approach to design is perfect for bathrooms which can get cluttered fast! Clean lines and shiny surfaces will give your bathroom a modern, sophisticated feeling. Check out these easy tips to modernize on a budget.

The easiest way to update a space is with a fresh coat of paint. Neutrals like white, beige or even chocolate brown are best for the modern look. Keep in mind that the lighter colors will make the space look larger, while using an allover color like dark brown or gray could make your bathroom look smaller. If you’re feeling bold, try painting with slate gray. It’s quickly becoming one of the most glamorous paint colors, and it makes any color you use in the room stand out! Repainting is just the start you need do to modernize your bathroom. Painting is inexpensive and because bathrooms are small, you don’t need as much.

Walls aren’t the only thing that can benefit from paint. If the cabinets are looking shabby, consider giving them a makeover with a new color. You can also give cabinetry an update without spending a fortune by installing new pulls and hardware. Sleek hardware, think clean lines and chrome are very modern and help convey the tone you want to set in the room. It’s much cheaper to spruce up your existing cabinets than having new ones put in! If you have the extra budget, don’t just stop at the cabinet pulls, spend a few extra dollars for a matching metal towel rack or toilet paper holder.

Changing up the bathroom accessories is another cheap way to freshen up your bathroom. It’s as easy as changing the shower curtain and hand towels. Look for a clean style with a geometric or asymmetrical print. Stay away from small prints or anything floral as this can look more country and less modern. New hand towels and wash cloths are sure to make your bathroom feel like new. You can purchase a set of 4 for around 10 dollars at most big box stores.

As a finishing touch, find a work of art to hang in the bathroom. Modern art is often bold and colorful. This is the opportunity to incorporate your favorite hues into the décor. You can find art prints for next to nothing online. Go with something bold and abstract. Or even think about painting a simple color field or a geometric composition to give your bathroom a personalized touch.

While these decorating tips will give your bathroom a chic, modern look, it’s important to maintain the look by keeping things neat. The best way to do this is to keep things organized and off the countertop. Invest in a set of containers or bins to keep makeup, shampoo, soap, etc. in so it stays hidden, but within easy access. Once your countertops are clear, keep only a soap dispenser or a few decorative items out. It will make the whole bathroom look very put together.

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