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Almost no one likes to clean their bathroom. Whether it’s due to smelly cleaners or moldy grout, cleaning the bathroom can be anything but fun. However, with a walk in shower, you may just end up with a much more pleasant experience.

There are several designs of walk in showers, some more easy to clean than others. However, just about all walk in showers offer more room to move around than a bathtub, which in and of itself can make cleaning easier. Also, most walk in showers are fitted with a hand held shower head which can go a long way toward making the walls easier to clean.

A walk in shower that includes at least one wall with tile will still have the possibility for mold and mildew in the grout. However, by making the other walls of glass, you have eliminated tile surfaces, minimizing the amount of cleaning. When you have a full glass walk in shower, then you don’t have any tiled walls to contend with.

In general, glass is very easy to clean. Simple glass cleaner can be used to clean most of the surfaces of the shower, without the need for harsher chemicals. A simple rubber squeegee could replace a scrub brush. [1.]

Walk in showers are either designed with a door, or an open doorway. Both styles eliminate the need for a shower curtain, which is a major source of mildew. Also, many shower curtains, especially shower curtain liners, are made with harsh chemicals. That trademark “plastic” smell of shower curtain liners is actually very bad to breathe and contributes to indoor air pollution. [2.] A walk in shower doesn’t need one, and therefore eliminates one source of problems.

When a walk in shower is installed, your contractor should also look at the capacity of your bathroom fan. Many walk in showers can be used as a steam room, which increases the amount of moisture that needs to be removed from the bathroom. While not unique to a walk in shower, a bathroom renovation is an easy time to also upgrade your bathroom fan.

Whether you are adding a new fan because of a renovation, or just sticking with the one you have, it is important to run the fan for about 10 minutes after the end of your shower to remove all the moisture from the bathroom. [3.]

No matter if you have a bathtub with a shower, or a walk in shower, you are still going to need to clean the bathroom and the shower area. While not a super easy job, a walk in shower does have benefits that make it easier to clean than a bathtub with tile surround. Ease of cleaning is probably not the first reason you would install a walk in shower, but it is a clear benefit you can add to the list. [4.]


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