Apr 082012

Keeping your bathroom free of clutter can be quite the challenge, even if you have a rather large bathroom. You need to be clever with the space you are given, how it is organized, and how to utilize space that you perhaps never thought of.

If you look at the walls in your bathroom, chances are they are bare. This is space that is not being used to its fullest potential. There are a variety of storage ideas that you can place on your bathroom walls to help alleviate whatever storage issues you may be facing. Some of these are inexpensive, while others can be more expensive. There are bathroom storage ideas that can fit all budgets. Aside from small wall fixtures, there are also items such as cabinets and vanities that can be added to a bathroom to help with storage complaints.

Common Sense Storage: Clever Solutions for an Organized Life
If you don’t have them already, towel holders are a great addition to bathrooms. They can be placed near the sink or the shower, in easy-to-reach areas so you don’t have to fumble for towels anymore. There are both single- and double-bar towel holders, and both take up the same amount of space, so it is best to go with the double-bar in order to be able to hang a second towel. Some of these actually even come with a shelf, which can provide a decorative look while at the same time providing more storage space for face washes, creams, or shaving products.

There are things you keep in your bathroom that you may not want the general public to see, such as when you have friends or family over for visits. You could purchase a wall-hanging cabinet, or even a floor-style cabinet, to house these items so that they are out of eyesight. The space above your sink is usually where a hanging cabinet would go, better yet, if the cabinet has a mirrored front.

There are a variety of options for you to choose from when seeking inexpensive bathroom storage ideas for small bathrooms. Simply check out your nearest home remodeling store or hardware store, and they will be able to steer you in the right direction regarding the types of storage items that you need.

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