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Have you dreamed of having a walk in shower in your bathroom? Has the thought of actually installing one given you a headache, or seemed overwhelming? The answer may be a walk in shower kit.

What is a walk in shower kit? A walk in shower kit is a complete walk in shower package. A basic kit will have the walls, floor, and door included. A more expensive kit will also include the fixtures and perhaps a towel bar. The more expensive the kit, the more features available, and the more options for customization.

Why get a walk in shower kit? The main reasons are convenience and price.

Since these kits have everything you need, you are saved from buying pieces separately. You also know that they are going to all fit together, because they were made to go together.

It is very convenient to install them as well. Think of a walk in shower kit as building a free standing shower stall that you attach to the wall with glue. Very simplified, but that’s the general idea. This is much quicker and easier that laying tile. Also, the kit will include all the necessary fasteners for the door and glass walls, although you will have to get any construction adhesive separately.

The price of walk in shower kits ranges from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. However, without a kit, you could spend thousands more than even the most expensive kit. Especially when you factor in the cost of labor for a custom walk in shower, you can see the cost savings a kit brings.

American Shower and Bath 402005 American Shower and Bath Neo Angle Shower Kit
Although a walk in shower kit can be a big time and cost savings, that doesn’t mean you can’t just throw one up in a weekend. You will still need to evaluate your bathroom for space and plumbing needs.

There are some other important considerations for building your walk in shower using a kit. You will need to know the orientation of the kit you plan to use as well as the requirements for installing the shower.

Kits are big and heavy. Delivery is best, or you will need a large truck to bring it home from the store. Also, some kits come as one piece, while others are in pieces that you put together at your home. If you are building a new home, you should be able to get the one piece kits in since there will not be walls in the way. However, if you are renovating, you will probably need a kit that comes in several pieces so that they can be moved into the bathroom area.

Carefully read the manufacturers instructions and warranty. Returning one of these kits is possible, but very difficult. Make sure you understand all instructions before you purchase the kit. You will need to know what extras you need – plumbing, adhesive, and tools. You will also need to know if your bathroom is suitable for that shower kit.

Check the manufacturers website for a copy of the instructions and warranty. If you are purchasing the kit from the store, make sure you discuss these points with a sales representative. They will be able to get you a copy of the instructions before you purchase.

Walk in shower kits can be a big time and money savings. However, you still need to evaluate your space and decide what kind of kit you want and what will work with your bathroom. In the end, you will have a beautiful bathroom as well as a heavier wallet and more time by using a kit for your walk in shower.

What types of shower enclosure kits are there?

1. Neo angle shower kit: Neo angle shower kits are ones that fit into a corner of your bathroom. The best way to describe what they look like is to image a large square shower in the corner of your bathroom. Then, cut off the corner that juts into the room. Two sides still fit into the corner, but now there are three additional sides to your shower. The pictures above and below show a neo angle shower design.

These corner shower kits are usually made with a glass sides. These can be clear or frosted and of course are made of safety glass. They most often have silver colored joints; a high end corner shower kit will have brushed nickel joints. However, some come with white supports which can blend in better with some designs.

The back wall of these shower enclosure kits are usually made of fiberglass and are white. Some kits contain the shower base, called a shower pan, and the glass walls and mounting hardware. With this type of shower stall kit, the back wall of the shower is then the walls of your bathroom. In this way, you can have a tiled shower, but still take advantage of the shower kit.

Sterling NI3190A-38S/W Economy Shower Kit Neoangle 18-1/4" x 25-1/4" x 36-1/4" x 72" Hammered Glass
2. Glass block shower kits: Glass block can be a very beautiful addition to your bathroom and they make great shower surrounds. They can be installed by themselves as part of an overall shower installation. But, an easier way to get a glass block shower is to go with a kit. Many companies sell these kits.

And, you aren’t limited to just a square or rectangular shape. Some kits come with a curved wall made of glass block. The more expensive the kit, the more options it will have.

3. Other bathroom shower kits: In general, stand up shower kits are self contained units. Meaning that they can fit anywhere into a bathroom. A corner shower kit is of course made to fit into a corner, but other kits can fit on a side wall; they don’t need a corner specifically.

Also, remember that no matter what style of kit you get, the more you pay, the more features you can get. For instance, some kits with at least one fiberglass wall have shelves built in. At the higher end you can also get shower kits with seats. Some kits come with everything, including the fixtures, while others just include the shower portion and you add your own fixtures.

As you plan your bathroom, and decide what features you want, remember that shower stall kits come with many different options. They will all save you time and money, but you don’t have to get a boring glass box if you don’t want to. Shower stalls and kits are quite versatile and you can probably find one that you really like and will enhance your bathroom.



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  2. Buying Guide: Showers Bases & Walls
  3. Purchasing a Walk-In Shower Kit
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If you are looking to add a walk in shower to your bathroom, you will add significant beauty as well. Walk in showers are classy and contemporary, but they are also quite lovely. There are so many designs and styles, it’s hard to decide what would make your bathroom look the best. But, if you use glass blocks for your walk in shower, you are sure to get a beautiful result. Glass blocks can be used in so many designs and configurations, they make a perfect material for building a walk in shower.

Glass Block Choices For Your Walk In Shower

When working with glass blocks, you have two choices. The first is a hollow block. As the name implies, these are created with a hollow center, formed from two halves of glass, the edges fused together. The hollow center truly is hollow – in construction, a vacuum is created. This adds insulation and also works as a sound barrier. The other type of glass block is solid. Although the final block is one piece, it’s actually created by fusing together two pieces of glass.

You also have two choices for thickness of your glass blocks. The standard size is four inches, but there is also a thinner three inches block that is used most often in residential applications. Whichever size you choose, the blocks are designed to be resistant to chipping and shattering.

Installing Glass Block In Your Walk In Shower

What to use for the floor of your shower is an important design element as well as a construction element. The good thing is that glass blocks can be installed on just about any solid surface. Marble or granite look great in a walk in shower and provide a good foundation for the glass blocks.

For some renovations, an easier choice is to use a pre-formed acrylic base. They are completely waterproof, sturdy, yet surprisingly lightweight and usually take thirty minutes or less to install. All styles of these bases can be used with glass blocks as walls. Another advantage of using the blocks with a ready made floor is that they mean less stress when designing and building your bathroom.

The glass blocks themselves can be installed on site, one block at a time, or they can be assembled somewhere else and installed as a ready made wall. Although a ready made wall may not work for all bathrooms, purchasing them this way can be much more cost effective. Not only do the sections cost less than individual blocks, but your walk in shower will be easier to build with premade partial walls. There is still labor involved in construction of the shower, but it goes much faster. Instead of being assembled with mortar between each block, like bricks, the pieces are anchored to the floor, then bonded together with silicone. With a little bit of grout put in place between the sections, the whole shower looks like it was made as one piece.

Designing Your Walk In Shower With Glass Block

Glass blocks allow for a lot of design options. Since installation is so versatile, a glass block wall can be fit into any bathroom design. Glass blocks give a contemporary look to a bathroom, while still being able to be fit into a more traditional design. If used for several walls of a walk in shower, the glass blocks can form the focal point in a large bathroom. Or, if you have a small bathroom, perhaps only two or three columns of glass blocks with a more traditional door on your walk in shower can provide an accent. You may find your bathroom so beautiful with glass block that you don’t even need a separate door. Just go with an open design that you truly just walk into.

Since each block is fairly small, it’s very easy to create unique wall designs. The most cost effective is probably straight walls, but don’t rule out an angled wall, round wall, or even a curved, S shaped wall. You can run the block all the way to the ceiling, or use it for a half wall with regular plate glass on top. Do keep in mind that you will need to provide ventilation for steam, so a wall all the way to the ceiling needs a stronger exhaust fan.

Let Natural Light In Your Walk In Shower With Glass Blocks

Glass blocks are a great way to add style while still allowing a lot of natural light into the bathroom. There are designs where a wall of glass blocks forms not only the side of the shower, but it’s also the side of the house – allowing the shower to let in natural light in different degrees throughout the day. While glass blocks can be as clear as glass panes, more often they have a pattern for more privacy. Some patterns scatter the light, while others look like bubbles or falling water. There are also frosted and etched patterns. All allow light to shine through, yet provide more privacy than glass panes. If heat loss is an issue, remember that hollow blocks have natural insulation.


Colored Glass Blocks In Your Walk In Shower

A great design element of glass blocks in the ability to get them in an unlimited range of colors. You could create the whole wall out of one color, or mix and match colors throughout your walk in shower walls. You can use alternating colors to create a graphic design, or go with mostly clear, but with scattered colored blocks to add just a pop here and there of color. Finally, there are even glass block murals being designed. These are created by making the colored glass pieces part of the larger block itself. The color won’t chip, scratch or wash off. You can create a one of a kind shower this way. Go with a subtle beach scene or an underwater scene with tropical fish.

Other Benefits To Using Glass Block In Your Walk In Shower

Glass blocks are easy to clean. Given the inherent pattern that creates a fluid look, streaking or spotting aren’t a problem like they would be with a regular glass wall. Some glass blocks are even designed with special patterns created specifically to minimize any spotting or residue in a walk in shower.

The glass block for your walk in shower can be part of an overall design scheme with glass blocks. Consider that glass blocks can also be used in other places in the bathroom. Perhaps as a replacement for a traditional window above a jetted spa tub or as a low wall separating the toilet from a vanity area. Glass block can become the theme of your bathroom remodel, with the walk in shower being the centerpiece.

Glass blocks are so flexible they can be used in almost any bathroom design. They are a beautiful solution for a walk in shower enclosure, and can also be used in other areas of the bathroom. So, consider glass block – you’ll be pleased with how easy it fits in with all aspects of a bathroom design – from paper to daily living with your beautiful walk in shower.

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When you have, or live with someone who has, a disability then you know that accessibility in your home is vital. Even someone who has difficulty moving around may need accessibility upgrades. When remodeling for accessibility, the bathroom is the first area you should target. It is the room used the most often, and with all the hard surfaces and water, it’s also the easiest place to get hurt. Adding a walk in shower can go a long way toward increasing accessibility.

As we age, it can become harder and harder to move around. The loss of independence is frustrating, and for many of the elderly, it’s very embarrassing because they can’t do things on their own anymore. A young person thinks nothing of stepping over the side of the tub to take a shower, but for someone who uses a walker, the tub might as well be a mountain.

However, a walk in shower can eliminate a lot of this frustration and embarrassment. It is easy for someone with a walker to walk straight into a walk in shower. Walk in showers for seniors also assist caregivers with helping a senior to wash. This is especially helpful for caregivers who many not be physically strong. Even someone with limited mobility can usually get inside a walk in shower.

Extra safety features can be added easily: a textured floor for slip resistance, a chair or fold down bench, large, easy to turn faucets, and a removable shower head. A walk in shower can easily be fitted with a fixed shower head for standing use and a hand held one for sitting use.

A hand held shower head is perhaps one of the best things you can add to any shower. It makes it so much easier to reach all parts that anyone, disabled or able bodied, will appreciate it. Without making any other changes to your bathroom, switching out your fixed shower head for a hand held one is super easy. You can buy a basic one for under $25. Once you replace your current shower head you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so sooner.

The lower level hand held shower heads, as mentioned above, have one shower head that fits into a bracket for standing, and can be removed for hand held use. In contrast, high end models of walk in shower will have two separate shower heads – one fixed, and the other hand held. The hand held one will also be in a mount so that is out of the way. This mount will be attached to a shower riser rail – a bar that attaches to the wall to which the mount is in turn attached.

Delta Faucet 75700 Seven-Spray Hand Shower, Chrome
This is important to note because depending on the placement of the riser rail, the hand held shower head can be put at a level that works better for someone sitting. Sometimes the overhead shower head will be too high if you are sitting, and this second option gives the opportunity to have another shower head lower down, but that can still be unhooked from it’s mount and used to rinse off.

A walk in shower can also minimize the amount of water spilled on the floor since they are large enough to dry off inside. This lessens the chance of slipping, which is a benefit for everyone, not just seniors and the disabled.

A walk in bathtub is a great accessibility upgrade, but many people just prefer a shower to a bath. Also, a walk in bathtub, while accessible, isn’t desired by most people. Ideally, any accessibility upgrades will blend in so as to be almost unnoticeable, yet fully available. This means that an accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be stark. It doesn’t have to scream “disabled” either. It can be beautiful as well as safe.

If cost is an issue, then there are many prefabricated walk in shower units available. There are walk in shower kits that can be easily assembled. There are also units specifically made for those with disabilities that are ADA approved. Some of these units are a style that are the same length as a bathtub with the drain at the same end. This means you can add convert your bathtub without too much effort.

Whether you want a fully accessibility upgrade for someone with a disability, or you just want some touches to help as you age, a walk in shower is a great addition to a bathroom. With the many styles and features available, it is easy to find something to fit any need.

For more information, please see:

  1. http://www.handicap-showers.net/
  2. http://www.aarp.org/home-garden/housing/info-01-2011/aging_in_your_own_space.html
Apr 152012

How the style of your bathroom guides your remodeling design
For information on construction styles and materials, please see: Walk In Shower Designs: Styles and Materials

Modern designs for bathrooms have been increasingly featuring a walk in shower as a major component. A walk in shower creates a wonderful look for a bathroom, and it offers many benefits, but there are so many styles, it’s hard to pick which is best. Before you decide which design, keep in mind that while you want beautiful and practical, you will also want a walk in shower that is fun and relaxing. Just as a long hot bath can be great after a hard day, so can a hot steamy shower. Keeping these ideas in mind, here are a few designs that you may want to consider installing in your home.

One of the more popular themes for bathrooms is a rustic theme. This works especially well for bathrooms that have a limited amount of space; bringing a piece of the outdoors inside makes the space seem larger. This is also a very easy look to create. First, consider color schemes. Neutral tones, browns and yellows, earthy colors are best for a rustic theme. A walk in shower obviously has to have waterproof materials; stone slabs and even wooden fixtures fulfill that purpose and also create a rustic or natural look. If you have the space, the rustic/natural theme can be enhanced with live plants.

In addition, when going for a rustic or natural theme, if wooden fixtures doesn’t appeal to you, then consider going with a distressed element. Alternatively, copper can be an effective, especially as it ages and takes on a green patina. Finally, since one of the reasons you may want a walk in shower is for the steam room effect, the use of beech wood can be very effective. Even if it’s not an “official” sauna, it can be a pseudo sauna with the addition of a wooden bench.

A second popular theme for a bathroom with a walk in shower is spa theme. Many people think of a large tub, especially a jetted tub, when they think of turning their bathroom into a spa, a walk in shower can also be very spa like. Install a large shower head, or go with multiple shower heads from different directions. You won’t have a masseuse standing by, but the massage by the multiple streams of water can be almost as nice. Soothing colors such as cream and white are best for a spa look. Paired with crisp white bath towels, the spa look is easy to see. A nice finishing touch if you have the room is spreading out aromatherapy candles.

A theme is a great starting place when considering how to design your bathroom and walk in shower. But, you also want to consider the various shapes that a walk in shower comes in. Of course, the dimensions and layout of the bathroom and plumbing have to be considered, there are a few standard shapes to use as starting points.

First of course is the common square or rectangle. A walk in shower in this shape will fit most homes easily, and customizations can easily be made by lengthening or widening the space for the shower. Another idea is to have a pentagonal shape. The addition of a fifth wall doesn’t necessarily have to add extra room, but it does allow for a more interesting element for the shower. Keep in mind that the sides don’t have to be equal sizes. You can also put inserts, perhaps a bench inside a rectangular  walk in shower, on the corners to make the inside space more interesting if you don’t have room in the bathroom for a true five sided walk in shower.

In addition to simply making your bathroom a fun place to be, adding a walk in shower to a bathroom remodel will increase the value of the home. Walk in showers are a modern addition that lets buyers see that the home has been updated. Even a small bathroom can look great if a walk in shower is placed well in the overall design of the room. Many a home sale has been closed because a buyer loved the design of a bathroom.

Fortunately, when considering options for a bathroom remodel, adding a walk in shower is usually easy. Turning a small, existing shower into a beautiful, larger walk in shower is also a great way to add to a remodel. Have fun thinking about how a walk in shower will fit in your bathroom!

Apr 132012

When thinking of a walk in shower , do you picture a spacious, beautiful bathroom? Perhaps with a spa tub, marble tile, and high end fixtures? If so, then you have an eye to luxury for your renovation.

What is luxury? Dictionary.com defines luxury as:

  • a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity
  • a pleasure out of the ordinary allowed to oneself

So, when it comes to luxury in the bathroom, you would be looking for fixtures and additions that aren’t strictly necessary, but nevertheless give pleasure and enjoyment. A walk in shower fits into this category for many people. A tub and shower combination is functional, so a walk in shower with spa tub isn’t needed. On the other hand, a walk in shower and spa tub are beautiful and definitely enjoyable.

So, how do you maximize your luxury while minimizing your budget? First and foremost you want good quality. Good quality doesn’t have to come with a big price tag, though. Then, you want to go for looks. Just because something looks amazing doesn’t mean that it’s good quality. On the other hand, good quality rarely looks bad.


Modern Single Handle Waterfall Bathroom Vanity Vessel Sink LED Faucet, Chrome
When it comes to faucets, the kind you get will depend on the configuration of your bathroom. For instance, you will need a different kind of faucet for a free standing tub than a tub with shower combo. If you are replacing a faucet, you will also need to consider the size and configuration of your current faucet for an easier installation.

For a walk in shower, wall mounted faucets are standard. In terms of quality, you need to look at the plumbing behind the wall as well as the visible faucet itself.

Sold brass is the most expensive option. It is also the most durable and will require the least amount of maintenance. If your budget doesn’t allow for solid brass, then a zinc-alloy is a good second choice. These are also durable, but they come with a plating which will wear off over time. When that plating wears off, the faucet will need to be replaced.

For the portion of the faucet that you see, the finish comes into play. You will need to balance resistance to scratching and showing watermarks with price. An important point is that you should look for a lifetime guarantee for the finish, no matter what you decide to get.

For a good overview of different finish options, please see:  The Home Depot’s Guide


With regards to the plumbing behind the wall, the same applies to a showerhead as to a faucet. Solid brass or zinc-alloy are what you should look for. When it comes to look and function, however, the playing field is wide open.

You can have a simple showerhead or multiple shower heads. There are single spray and adjustable spray options. As long as they get you wet, they are functional. But, if you want luxury, you want to upgrade to one of the advanced configurations.

The most luxurious showerhead configuration will have a fixed shower head or perhaps two for overhead water. These could be adjustable, or you could opt for a rain showerhead.

Then you would include a hand-held showerhead, which has a hose, usually about 5 feet, that sits in a bracket. This can be used standing as well as sitting; it’s fixed while in the bracket, but then can be removed for more through rinsing.

Very high end showers, such as Moen, have what they call a spa system that includes a higher fixed showerhead, hand-held shower head and multiple shower nozzles for massage. This fits the definition of luxury to a tee.


The Art of Tile: Designing with Time-Honored and New Tiles
How to pick and install bathroom tile would take a whole book to cover. Or at least multiple articles on several websites. However, below is a general overview, along with more resources.

1. You will want to choose the kind of tile you would like. Common options are ceramic, porcelain, and glass, which are also considered luxury. However, you also have other natural stones like marble and granite and metal tiles. Each will have not only it’s durability factor, but they offer different looks. Which you choose will depend upon your style and where in the bathroom you are using the tile.

2. Then you will want to choose the size of your tile. You will get a very different look if you tile with 1 inch square glass tiles then you will with an 18 inch marble tile. You may also want different sized tile. A smaller tile can make a great border for an overall design of very large tiles.

3. Then you will want to pick your grout. Did you know that you can get grout in different colors? Choose one almost the same color as your tile or choose one for a contrast. For example, you may want a chocolate brown grout for dark tiles, or you may opt for a cream grout for the same dark tiles. The end result will be very different, but they can both be beautiful.

Home Depot Buying Guide: Tile

HGTV: Bathroom Tile

Home Depot Project Guides

Setting Tile by Michael Byrne

Taunton’s Tiling Complete: Expert Advice from Start to Finish by Michael Schweit

Clearly, there are many different options and things to consider when creating a luxury walk in shower. The best way you can assure you get luxury is to learn a little about each material to find what the best material is – in other words the quality factor. Then, turn to the look that you want. Given the huge range of options, once you’ve narrowed it down to what material, you should be able to find a style that will fit whatever design you would like.

Apr 192012

When considering flooring styles and materials for the home, many things should be taken into account. The location of the room in the house and what it will be used for are possibly the most important factors. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a floor for the bathroom.

Hardwood Floor

Prefinished hardwood flooring has long been one of the most popular choices in any area of the home. However, mention it in relation to bathrooms and people generally shake their heads knowingly, as though you’ve said something out of turn. It is quite a commonly held view that hardwood flooring is simply not suitable in the bathroom due to its tendency to absorb moisture. This doesn’t have to be the case and with a few extra preventative measures, increasingly hardwood flooring is just as successful in bathrooms as it is everywhere else.

Hardwood products that are specially prefinished are recommended for bathroom applications. Moisture kills solid hardwood so it is advisable to select a prefinished product. It is also a good idea to choose a wood that is harder and less absorbent. The following species are well suited to bathroom applications because of their strength, hardness and durability; oak, cherry, ash and walnut.

There are many reasons that people are coming around to the idea of hardwood flooring in the bathroom, many of which are similar reasons for having it elsewhere in the home. It creates a luxurious high-end look in any style of bathroom, it provides a natural warmth on the feet that is unrivalled by tile or vinyl, again bringing an extra level of luxury. It can also be refinished multiple times over its lifetime.

There are however, some reasons that hardwood flooring has not traditionally been seen as a suitable option in the bathroom. If water is allowed an entry point, certain types of softwood will buckle, warp and eventually rot. Even if spills are cleaned quickly, the bathroom can still be one of the most humid rooms in the home.

Glass Tiles

Glass tile can be installed just about anywhere a ceramic tile would work, it’s resistant to temperature changes and moisture damage. Glass tile flooring is as easy to keep sparkling as the glass in your windows and mirrors; just use a mop and the same glass cleaner you would use elsewhere in the home.


Provided you select the right, less porous varieties of stone, such as granite, limestone and marble, there shouldn’t be any moisture problems. As with other bathroom flooring options, stone has some potential drawbacks; it can be quite cold to the touch and tends to get slippery when wet. There are ways around this, such as choosing a stone with a more textured surface. Stone is at the more expensive end of bathroom flooring but once installed, will last for years to come with minimal maintenance.


Traditionally one of the most popular choices for bathroom applications, vinyl comes in both sheets and tiles. The main advantages of vinyl flooring in the bathroom are its relatively low cost, its moisture resistance and its dizzying range of styles, shapes and sizes. However, along the many seams, vinyl tile floors do have potential areas for germs to collect.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles are incredibly popular as bathroom flooring, namely because it is hard-wearing and easily cleaned. It is important to pay close attention to the porosity, hardness, slip resistance, resistance to abrasion, and impact resistance, all of which can vary between products.

About the Author

Sean Stewart is President and owner of Stewartfloor, based in Chicago. Stewartfloor is one of the leading importers of fine South American prefinished hardwood flooring. As a member of the National Wood Flooring Association, Stewartfloor sells only ethically and legally obtained South American hardwood flooring, which is Lacey Act Compliant. Ethical harvesting standards have reduced the impact on the environment through strict adherence to Forestry and Environmental Laws. Stewartfloor’s commitment to ethics guarantees that the prefinished Brazilian hardwood flooring they supply is of the highest quality and as promised.

Apr 172012

Rusty toilet stains are a common problem with most households. In fact, a lot of people have a hard time cleaning rusty stains because they’re quite tricky to remove. Sometimes, no matter how often you try to clean them with toilet bowl cleaner, the stains keep coming back and they’re hard to remove!

To make your life easier, here are some tips on how to get rid of rusty toilet stains:

Cleaning with pumice stone

  1. Get the water out of the toilet bowl. The first step is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. Look for the small valve on a thin pipe which is connected to the bottom part of the toilet tank. Flush the toilet so that the water will be drained and then carefully turn the valve.
  2. Using warm water, scrub the rust stains with a cleanser and sponge. This will help remove some of the rust stains.
  3. Using the pumice stone, wet it and scrub on the remaining stains. Continue dampening the stone and scrub harder until the stains are completely gone.

Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover #TBR-6
Cleaning with vinegar, lemon juice, and borax

  1. In a container, pour ¼ cup vinegar (distilled). Then dip a washcloth or sponge into the vinegar. Dab the rust stains with the damp cloth or sponge and let the vinegar stay on the stains for several minutes. Next, buff the vinegar onto the rust stain and rinse off with water.
  2. Mix some lemon juice and ¼ cup of borax until you create a sticky paste. Apply the paste onto the stain and let it stay for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.
  3. Wet the stained portion using your toilet brush and sprinkle some cleanser powder with oxalic acid. Then gently scrub the stain. Be careful though because oxalic acid is toxic.
  4. Dip one end of the pumice stick in water and gently rub the stain. Rinse thoroughly.

Hope these tips will help you. Now, you can get rid of those ugly rust stains in your toilet.

As you can see, there is a solution to just about any problem you’re having. So, whether you have stains on your carpet or even toilet rust stains, there is always a way to get rid of the problem so that it’s either not visible or so that the appearance has diminished. MyGetRidOfGuide.com, a website that can offer several solutions to your most unwanted problems.

Apr 162012

When you take a shower, you need some way to keep the water in the shower with you, and not on the floor in the rest of the bathroom. A wet room is an exception to this rule, as they are designed to get wet throughout the whole room. But, except for wet rooms, you will need a barrier for your shower. There are several solutions including doors and screens. The most common; however, is a shower curtain. The vast majority of people employ this simple device to keep the water in. But, who says yours has to be like the vast majority? A unique shower curtain is the way to go to show your individual style.


Generally, shower curtains come in two materials: plastic and fabric. You can find unique styles in both, but fabric is going to have more options. With fabric, you can have embroidered designs, airbrushing, even quilt shower curtains. You won’t get that with plastic, which will be printed.


Ex-Cell Home Fashions Mosaic Fabric Shower Curtain, Terracotta
When it comes to the design, the world is wide open. There are companies that will screen print your photo on a shower curtain for a truly unique look.

As mentioned above, there are quilted shower curtains that are just what they sound like – a quilt the size of a shower curtain that hangs on the shower curtain rod like any other curtain.

There are shower curtains available for your favorite sports teams.

Plastic shower curtains are going to be less expensive than fabric shower curtains, but don’t fear that there won’t be a wide variety. You can find just about any design you are looking for in a plastic shower curtain.

You can find ones for every holiday. You can find humorous ones, or ones with ocean and beach scenes. I used to have one with dolphins, and my parents had one with a lighthouse. You can find educational shower curtains such as the popular one with the periodic table of the elements on it. You can find them with abstract designs or historic pictures, like the iconic soldier kissing the nurse after returning from the war.

One thing you might want to keep in mind is getting light into the shower. Most bathrooms do not have any light in the shower, therefore it needs to diffuse through the curtain into the shower area. A light colored shower curtain will do this very well. A dark printed shower curtain, such as the dolphin one I mentioned above, won’t let as much light through, and will be very dark. You will still be able to see, but the difference can be dramatic.

The shower curtains I really like are ones that are clear but have some kind of design that obscures enough that you can’t really see into the shower. These look cool and funky, and let through tons of light.

Other Customizations For Your Curtains

Another important thing to remember is that with any shower curtain, you will want a shower curtain liner. The liner goes in the tub, while the curtain proper hangs outside the tub. Liners come in many colors, although most are lighter colors to let thorough light well.

If you choose a clear plastic shower curtain that is printed with a design that doesn’t completely cover the curtain, you can further customize the look with a colored shower curtain liner. So, keep in mind that you can punch up the design on the curtain itself in some instances with a colored liner.

Another way to make your shower curtain unique is in your choice of rings. They come in many designs and several materials. You can get plain plastic rings in basic colors, or fancier metal ones. You can get them with decorations such as fish or shells to fit in with the theme of the bathroom. These are especially good in a child’s bathroom.

Polder Duo Shower Curtain Rod,Brushed Stainless Steel
Finally, the choice of shower curtain rod is another way to customize your shower curtain look. The standard metal rod can be jazzed up with a colored plastic cover. There are also curved rods that give you a bit more room in the shower while adding a different touch to the bathroom. You can get shower curtain rods in decorative metal such as nickel or with a bronze finish.

There are double rods available that you can use as a towel holder as well. This is convenient, as well as a way to add a different look to the bathroom. Try a solid color curtain with decorative towels on the second rod. This won’t appeal to everyone, but it is an option.

When it comes to keeping water in your shower, there aren’t very many methods to do so. Shower curtains are the most common, but there’s no reason that the curtain itself needs to be common.

When looking for a unique shower curtain, you have hundreds of options to choose from and several different materials. Then, complete the look with a shower curtain liner, unique rings, and an upgrade to the curtain rod. In the end, you’ll have a bathroom that closely reflects your personal style and taste.

Apr 162012

There are several reasons to have a walk in shower installed.

Adding Luxury

There are few things more luxurious than an open bathroom. Especially one that includes a walk in shower and spa tub. Add Luxury To Your Bathroom By Adding A Walk In Shower To Your Bathroom Renovation provides more detail about upgrading the luxury in your bathroom.

Adding Accessibility

To an elderly or disabled person a traditional bathroom can be a challenge or almost useless. However, a walk in shower can go a long way toward increasing the accessibility of your bathroom. Adding Accessibility By Adding A Walk In Shower explains how.

Adding Relaxation

A bathroom should be relaxing as well as functional. After all, you will use yours at least once a day. A walk in shower is a great upgrade that makes your bathroom a peaceful place to be. A Walk In Shower Enclosure For Relaxation explains why.

Adding Ease Of Cleaning

Cleaning the bathroom is a chore, and one that most people don’t like. However, a walk in shower can help you with cleaning the bathroom. More Benefits Of Walk In Shower Enclosures – Easier Of Cleaning And Less Mold can show you how.

Customizing For Your Needs

There are a variety of reasons why your bathroom may not fit your needs. From size to available storage, adding a walk in shower to your bathroom can make it more usable and beautiful. How A Walk In Shower Can Benefit You – True Bathroom Customization provides more details on your options.

Apr 142012

Augers have been around for a long time.  In fact history buffs will know that they were first invented by Archimedes around 200 BC.  In the plumbing field they are used to clear pipe clogs and consist of a flexible cable with a wire coiled bit that “hooks” onto the clog in order to dislodge it.

The most common type of auger is a drain auger.  Here the flexible cable is coiled around a circular drum.  A handle on the drum is turned to extend and retract the cable through the plumbing pipes.  The cable can be very long indeed, even 60 feet or more.

Although they are highly effective pieces of equipment that work well on skin clogs, they are not ideal for clearing toilet clogs. To begin with the toilet trap-way in most toilets is less than 6 feet in length, so a much shorter cable is needed.  Second when using a drain auger on a toilet you run the risk of damaging the porcelain of the bowl.

Ridgid 59787 K-3 3-foot Toilet Auger with bulb head
That’s why specialized toilet augers shaped more like a J were designed.  The top of the J has a handle and the bottom of the J is placed at the entrance to the toilet trap-way, perfectly positioned to feed the wire bit into the drain.  This part of the auger has a protective rubber sleeve to avoid scratching the inside of the toilet bowl.  When the handle is turned, the flexible cable extends into the trap way – a process referred to as “snaking a toilet.”

Some plumbers believe that the goal is to “hook” onto the clog and pull it back into the toilet bowl for removal.  Other plumbers suggest using the auger to drive the clog out into the main drain.  In practice both methods will work equally well.

Toilet augers are perfect for stubborn toilet clogs – ones that can’t be dislodged by using a plunger.  And although drain augers work on the same principle, don’t use them on your toilet.